When choosing a contractor it can feel overwhelming. There are many to choose from but how do you know if they are legitimate? Are they reliable?

When you’re ready to choose a contractor, make sure you’ve done your homework. Look at their history, have they been in business or the industry for a long time? Check with references and ask to see some of their work. There are times you’ll find “General Contractors” that aren’t necessarily a General Contractor, they may be an independent contractor passing themselves off as a General Contractor to win your bid. Check to see they if they are licensed.

How to spot a suspicious General Contractor:

  • Look out for bargain contractors. They may claim they’re using left over materials and can do you job for cheap.
  • They don’t have license or insurance or you can’t verify it
  • Someone who won’t provide references
  • They don’t listen to you and your ideas
  • They do everything on a handshake deal, no paperwork

By identify these early warning signs, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and time. Any new home build or remodel can be stressful enough, choosing the right contractor such as Gordon Construction will make your life much easier.